Sergent Higginbotham Family

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Sergent "Serge" Prentiss Higginbotham and family: A photo of Sergent "Serge" Prentiss HIgginbotham identified bottom right I believe. Guessing the woman bottom left is Rachel Ann Miller Higginbotham, his mother; The woman top left may Estella Ona Higginbotham who was the oldest child, and the man top right I believe is Ernest Leith Higginbotham (went by Leith) about 1887 or so. On the back was a note to a woman and the signature "Sergie".

Mystery: Exact identities of members other than Serge Higginbotham.
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Sylvia Hertel Talk about corsets. That poor women, seated, can't breathe.
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