Sheeks Reunion Abt 1908, Part B Sheeks family photo
BettyJane Carl

Sheeks Reunion Abt 1908, Part B

This picture, Part B, has name tags on each individual. If anyone finds any identification errors, please let me know. This same picture, Part A, without the name tags, precedes this picture on AncientFaces. It also has in the left hand bottom corner, another picture, with Albert Neal, son of AsaNeal & Rose (Carr), who died at age 5; Mrs. George W. (Priscilla Sheeks) Carr, his grandmother; and Mrs. Asa (Rose Carr) Neal, his mother. This same picture, Part C, with a list of the names of the individuals, instead of name tags, may be found much earlier on this site. ... show more

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Photo taken at Mitchell Lawrence County, Indiana