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First name may have initially been James. b. March 19, 1829 in VA. d. June 07, 1912 in Memphis, Shelby, TN. He m. (1) Kate Neill (ca 1840 MO - 1876 Memphis) in Saline Co., MO.

Issue: Leon Shelton, James L., and Dr. Carl Lee Hinson who m. Etta Nell.

He m. (2) Margaret Wright (1840 MS - 1904 Memphis). She had been previously m. to John H. Brooks (c 1836 TN - aft. 1870 AR) whose issue included Dr. Wyatt William Brooks & Walter L. Brooks. Dr. William W. Brooks m. Dr. May L. Peyton, 1st cousin of Dr. Shelton Hinson's daughter-in-law, Mattie Daisy Fletcher.

Issue of Dr. Shelton Hinson & Margaret J. Wright Brooks: Shelton Hinson, Jr. (1871 Memphis - 1952 Memphis) who m. Mattie Daisy Fletcher. Their issue: Dr. Mary Ardenne, Henry Riner, Margaret Fleda, James Fletcher & Arlene.

Shelton, Sr. was a dentist who moved from VA to MO to LA to Memphis in 1854. His second wife, Margaret Wright, raised all 6 boys (his, hers and theirs) from childhood.

Of Dr. Shelton Hinsons' descendants, 1 son, 1 step-son, 1 daughter-in-law, 1 granddaughter, and 1 great-grandson became dentists in the Memphis area from the period of 1854 - 1975, of whom 2 were women.

Most of the Hinsons are buried in Forest Hill Cemetery in Memphis.

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Brenda Watson His 2nd wife, Margaret J. Wright

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Brenda Watson Shelton Hinson, Jr.
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Daisy Fletcher
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