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Sherrill Brothers Store - Bonnertown, Tennessee in 1923: Photo submitted to the 'Suburban News' of Lexington, AL and Loretto, TN. The Sherrill Brothers Store of Bonnertown, Lawrence County, TN was giving away a 25 pound stick of peppermint candy. Those in the photo are awaiting the announcement of the winner.

In this photo: Bob Shook, Tom Akins, Bennie Akins, Willard Akins, Tom Johnston, Nate Hammonds, Spell Holley, Graden Yarber, Orb Weathers, Earnest Hammonds, Ellis Yarber, Felix Johnson, Nolan Johnson, Lee Sherrill, R. O. Sherrill, Jasper Venable, Arthur Sherrill, Will Newton, and Lester Nation.


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