Sister of Moise Provencher, 2

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All that is known of this lady is that she is the sister of Moise Provencher. The picture was taken at Lowell Ma.

Mystery: I would like to find this woman's name as well as information regarding her parents or other family members. Photos of her brother Moise and another sister are posted here as well.


Kathy Provencher My fathers name is Henry David Provencher and his dads name was ARchilles Provencher, his mothers name was Lucy Haskens, they lived in north Andover, My dad had 2 brothers Joseph and Archie. Archie died when he was in early 20s. He had an adopted sister I believe who was a nun whose name was Sister Dorothea. I wonder if there is any relation
Jan 07, 2005 · Reply
Virginia Provencher I have since found out this lady's name is Rose J (Rosana) Provencher and she married Francis Edward Cassidy in 1918. They lived in Lowell Mass.
Jan 05, 2013 · Reply
Evelyn Provencher can other provencher's be related as in you don't know if they are family ?
Jan 07, 2013 · Reply
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