Smallwood Double Exposure Smallwood family photo
Kathy Pinna

Smallwood Double Exposure

Photo taken by G.S. Smallwood: A double exposure "spirit" photograph of a girl holding flowers, surrounded by "spectral" faces of four people.

You may look at this and just see a double exposure. But this kind of "spirit" photo (often purposely faked, not accidental) was very popular around the turn of the 20th century. Photography was relatively new and spiritualism was very popular. This photo would have been seen as proof that the girl had three spirit guides around her, protecting her.

Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress, G.S. Smallwood photographer
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Daniel Pinna This is a perfect photo for Halloween!
Reply posted Oct 21, 2011 12:53 pm
Kathy Pinna LOL ...ooooooo . . . spooky!!
Reply posted Oct 21, 2011 1:28 pm
Photo taken at Smallwood Studio, Chicago, Illinois USA on