Stella Moran John Dun (Dunn) Moran family photo
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Stella Moran John Dun (Dunn)

I recently received this photo. The woman is my great grandmother, Stella I don't know when it was taken or what her last name was at the time, possibly White or Moran. The front of the picture just gives the guys name John Dun, the last name could be any variation.

The Mystery

Would like information on the man in the picture. It is possible he was married.

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I discovered this photo of Stella (your grandmother) and John Dun. I love the picture and since I am an artist who does historical paintings from photos, I would like to have permission to use this photo as a reference for a painting. I generally submit my paintings to national watercolor shows if they turn out like I want them. You can look at my work on my website at [external link] Thank you in advance for considering this. Mareth Warren [contact link]
Jan 05, 2009 2:40 pm reply
Photo taken at Stella Moran Possibly Tennessee, Kentucky on