Stephan Wysochanski with his family Wysochanski family photo
Eugene Visochanskiy

Stephan Wysochanski with his family

This is photo of Wysochanski (or Vysochanski in ukrainen) family. They lived
in Ukraine (former Russian province)and were "shlaht" (ukrainen nobles).
I know only some male persons on the photo by names. These are (from the right):
Step(h)an - my great-grandfather and his sons - Step(h)an (standing) and Illarion
(sitting). Step(h)an (standing boy), my grandfather, used to be later an agronomist.
Illarion later was a chief on a rail-road. He had been repressed after revolution and his family had been exiled to the "GULAG". Another boy (standing in the left) also was Step(h)an (junior). I have "adolt photos" of the boys and hope that some descendants of Illarion and Step(h)an junior are still alive.
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Photo taken at Kiev, Kharkov, Ukraine on