Stephan Wysochanski with his family

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This is photo of Wysochanski (or Vysochanski in ukrainen) family. They lived
in Ukraine (former Russian province)and were "shlaht" (ukrainen nobles).
I know only some male persons on the photo by names. These are (from the right):
Step(h)an - my great-grandfather and his sons - Step(h)an (standing) and Illarion
(sitting). Step(h)an (standing boy), my grandfather, used to be later an agronomist.
Illarion later was a chief on a rail-road. He had been repressed after revolution and his family had been exiled to the "GULAG". Another boy (standing in the left) also was Step(h)an (junior). I have "adolt photos" of the boys and hope that some descendants of Illarion and Step(h)an junior are still alive.
in Kiev, Kharkov, Ukraine


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