Stephen Tarasov Karinsky, 1961 New Mexico

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Stephen Karinsky in 1961 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He was born December 7th, 1895, was my step-grandfather, married to my grandmother, Lois A. Anderson (maiden name) Stephen, a White Russian by birth escaped Russia during the Bolshevik revolt. His family eventually regained their lands during the German Army occupation, but to no avail as the livestock, tools, money and servants had vanished. Stephen fled after his father's death, first to the Crimea, then Georgia and finally Constantinople. A former member of the Elite Russian Air Force he learned the many trades in order to survive. Eventually, he made his way to America. Arriving in Hoboken, New Jersey he took a ferry across to New York City and got his first job shoveling snow in the winter of 1923. Quite a departure for a man of noble birth... But Steve loved America, traveled and worked in many different states and eventually met Lois Allen Anderson and they married in Carson City, Nevada, sometime in the 40's. They shared the same birthday, though some years apart. Steve applied for his contractor's license and became a builder. Many of the homes and galleries he built can be seen today in Santa Fe, New Mexico where he and Lois made their home in 1950 until their deaths! My parents, James and Linda Murphy adored him as did my cousin Kate Peter's family out in New Mexico! Steve was a wonderful man, imbued with an enthusiastic spirit! He was sensitive, intense, humorous, well read and filled with optimism. He loved children, animals and life!
at Lois and Steve's House, Santa Fe, Santa Fe County, New Mexico United States of America


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