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Left to Right
Back: Monroe Elbert Sutherland 27 yrs old, Arthur James Sutherland 57 yrs old, Rose Mae (Thomas) Sutherland 51 yrs old, Keith Ivan Sutherland 24 yrs old, Velma Ethel Sutherland 18 yrs old,
Front: Phronie Estelle (Wehry) Sutherland, Monroe's wife, 24 yrs old holding Ervin Carlylse Sutherland 8 mths old, Laurette Eliza (Dodge) Thomas, Rose Mae's mother, 75 yrs old, Rose Lorraine Sutherland, Keith and Ethel's 1st Daughter 2yrs old, Ethel Irene (Popp) Sutherland, Keith's wife holding their 2nd daughter Florence Winnifred Sutherland 2 mths old.
at Studio, Hart, Oceana Co, Michigan USA


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