Swickard Reunion, Plain Twp, Ohio, Early 1890s

Taken at The "Old House", Plain Township, Ohio in .

According to an unknown newspaper (date also unknown), this picture was taken in the early 1890s and came from the files of Nellie Swickard Carpenter (1887-1980), the 2nd child from the left in the front row, the daughter of Orlando and Ida Swickard. A copy was sent to me by Susan Carl ([contact link]) and Bill McBride ([contact link])who got it from his great aunt who still lives (as of 25 Oct 2004) near New Albany, Franklin Co, Ohio. Besides Nellie, the ones whom Bill can identify are listed below in People.

Mystery: Does anyone know more individuals in this picture? If so, please enter their names and their location in the picture, along with your name and email address, in Comments below.

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