Tazewell and children (Father & children) Smith family photo
Peggy Gillespie

Tazewell and children (Father & children)

Grandson(by marriage) of Gabriel & Nancy Lea Wallis Jessee, Tazewell Cowan Smith and his children by the 3rd marriage. Their daughter is, (Lethea L. Jessee) Tazewell was born; Nov.20, 1854. Died; May 11, 1928.
More info; Taken from the Jim Jessee genealogy.Sent in by; Patricia Thomas Pegram.
thefollowing are buried in the cemetery with no stone marker.

Lorenzo Dow Smith - son of Gillispie and Lethea Smith

John Buryl Smith - son of Gillispie and Lethea Smith

Mary Smith Younger - daughter of Gillispie and Lethea Smith

Lola Smith Ray - d/o Barbara Smith (dau of Gillispie & Lethea Smith)

It appears that Tazewell was married three times. The tombstones read the children belonged to Lethea L. Jessee & Tazewell Smith! (THEY WERE BURIED AS LETHEA & TAZEWELL'S CHILDREN)!
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Nov 19, 2009 11:51 am reply
Where are these Smiths from? Amazing, but Tazewell Cowan Smith looks just like my brother if he were to grow a full beard, amazing, truly is. My scanner isn't working or I would forward some photo's of him. Nancy Jane Smith married James Harvey Vermillion, who was a Texas Ranger as were his brothers and uncle, one of which Joseph D. Vermillion, was in on the capture of Santa Anna after the battle of San Jacinto, (Goliad- sic?), he was also in the civil war. I've been told that Nancy Jane was a descendent of a Joel Jones and a Smith from Southern part of North Carolina. Then too I've been told that she was Indian, and we do have Indian teeth, but I can't find out very much about her at all.
Nov 19, 2009 2:08 pm reply
Hi, wish your scanner was working. :
Nov 22, 2009 10:44 am reply
Photo taken at Tazewell Smith Swords Creek Va, Virginia USA
Tazewell and children (Father & children)


Born: unknown
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Samson  ·  Tazewell Cowen  ·  Elizabeth