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Tennessee is the Gr.mother of The little girl shown "Vida,"and mother of many more includeing:
Zadie Cann Nichols
and grandmother of Neomia Cagle Marlow
She is full Blooded Indian and I'm searching for information on her please help me.Dalton
in Franklin Co,Ar.


Sherry Stovall I am searching Artie Gertrude Cagle out of Arkansas not sure what county. She was indian also. Wondered if there is a connection and if you had any information on her. I have a picture of her and the resemblence is very lookalikes to me. I don't have a scanner to download the picture yet But hopefullY i will soon and I can post her picture on here for you to see.
Jun 21, 2004 · Reply
Barbra Belt Wathanacharoen Hi, I come from the Belt family...when my grandmother (Ruth Iott Belt) passed away about 12 years ago, she had in her possession papers that were typed in the 1950's a history of the Belt family, with many names of ancestors and the history of the Belt name. I don't know about this woman Tennessee Belt, I have not seen a photo of her before, but my dad (Robert Julian Belt) currently has the papers so I will get them and see if she is mentioned in them. Ironically, my cousin on my dad's side (my only blood related cousin on the Belt side, told me once that her physician has asked her several times if she has any African American blood in her ancestry because of some health issues she has that are not typically caucasian health problems. She said not that she knew of....maybe we have some Native American blood in [external link] would explain why my dad, his brothers, myself and sisters, and my cousin all have more olive colored skin. We thought it came from some of the ancestors that came from southern France! So I will do a little research and see what I find out.
Sep 09, 2013 · Reply
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