The Albert Clark Family, 1934 CA Clark family photo
Lynne Roberson

The Albert Clark Family, 1934 CA

The Albert Clark Family: This picture was taken about 1933 after the Clark family moved from WA to CA. Pictured: Albert, Bertha, Dyche, Clarice, Fred, Neva, and Orville Clark.

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Photo taken at California USA on
The Albert Clark Family, 1934 CA

Albert Travis Clark

Born: Jan 1, 1881
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Albert Travis Clark at 48 years old  ·  Bertha Dyche Clark at 47 years old  ·  Dyche Emery Clark at 30 years old  ·  Clarice Alberta Clark-Snyder at 28 years old  ·  Neva Mae Clark-Willsey at 26 years old  ·  Fred E. Snyder at 30 years old  ·  Orville Willsey at 30 years old