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Center Rosa (Brichetto) and Angelo Cavagnaro. As you look at the picture front row lt to rt: Mary (Arata) married to Joseph Cavaganaro and RT: Rosa (Arata) married to Louis Cavagnaro. Second row LT to RT: John Cavagnaro, Joseph Cavagnaro, Rosa (Brichetto) and Angelo Cavagnaro, Louis Cavagnaro, AnAnthony Cavagnaro. Top row Lt to Rt: Rose (Rivera) married to John Cavagnaro, Anna (Tombini) and Frank Cavagnaro, Philomena (Cavagnaro) and Giovanni Angelo Cavagnaro. Picture taken about 1897 or 1890 50th Anniversary picture. Resubmitted this description after confirmation of names provided by Ray Cavagnaro, Eugene Oregon. [contact link]
in Chicago, IL USA


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