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The Homestead riot

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The Homestead riot
1 print : wood engraving.
  • Illus. in: Harper's weekly, [1892], p. 676.
  • Miscellaneous Items in High Demand
  • Carnegie Steel Company--Strikes--Pennsylvania--Homestead--1890-1900.
  • Pinkerton's National Detective Agency--People.
  • Homestead Strike, Homestead, Pa., 1892.
  • Steel industry strikes--Pennsylvania--Homestead--1890-1900.
  • Crowds--Pennsylvania--Homestead--1890-1900.
  • Barges--Pennsylvania--Homestead--1890-1900.
  • Periodical illustrations--1890-1900.
  • Wood engravings--1890-1900.
The mob assailing the Pinkerton men on their way to the temporary prison / drawn by Charles Mente after a photograph by Dabbs, Pittsburg The burning barges / from a photograph by Dabbs, Pittsburg.
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Photo provided courtesy of the United States Library of Congress.