The Jarrells Women Scott family photo
Patricia Wulff

The Jarrells Women

Left to Right

Malinda (Lennie) holding bible, Belva, Lula, Julia (Julie), Martha, Alberta (Bertie) and Odessia (Dessie) Jarrell(s)

Malinda married Glennmore White
Belva married Charles Lee Scott
Lula married George May
Julia married James McCormick
Martha married Milard Waugh
Alberta married Andrew Caldwell after his death to Phelyn Moore (she's still wearing black from Andrew's tragic death)
Odessia married Mont Crum

Picture was taken I am guessing before 1918 because Bertie died in October 1918. There is one sister missing. Mary Margaret. The woman standing by the tree I am guessing is their mother. Delilah Conn Jarrells
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Photo taken at Kentucky or West Virginia USA
The Jarrells Women

Alberta Jarrells Caldwell Moore

Born: Feb 4, 1882
Died: unknown