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Fourth and final print in the Braddock Series: THE REUNION, Tuesday, 28 November 1758

In late November 1758, after finally capturing Fort Duquesne, General Forbes ordered Lieutenant Samuel West and a detachment of the Pennsylvania Regiment to head an expedition to Braddock's Field and bury the bones of the soldiers slain on that fateful day in July 1755. Accompanying the expedition were some officers of the 77th Highlander Regiment, local Indians, and Forbes' Aide de Camp, Major Francis Halkett, who hoped to find the remains of his fathers, Sir Peter Halkett, and his brother, Lieutenant James. Questioning the Indians, Halkett found one who remembered an officer being struck down at the foot of a remarkable tree. When a second officer ran to give assistance, he too was shot and collapsed on top of the other. The Indian was confident that he could find the tree, Francis would find his father and brother. Robert Griffing's fourth and final image of the Braddock Series depicts the scene as young Halkett identifies their remains.


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