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The "rock house" where Hannah Young was born 1859 on Thorp Lane in the Germantown section of Philadelphia. She later married Isaac Achuff and she died Dec 2, 1932. It is believed that the street is now Church Street but the house is no longer there. She was the daughter of Job Young and Eliza Steelman.
at Thorp Lane, Germantown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA


Mary Kelly Write a comment...From where the house was located, one should have been able to see out the bedroom windows towards the Reading Railroad tracks. And the house would have been near a gully where one could see “uphill and downhill.” This gully is now the site of Belfield Avenue ; it was formerly a creek called Wingohocking Creek. There was a station right near the Rock House [also called Wingohocking]; this was demolished in 1930 when the Reading Railroad elevated its tracks.
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