The Smedley's 1902 Smedley family photo
Carolyn Smedley

The Smedley's 1902

This is a group family picture with Mother, Elizabeth Smedley, father- Wm. Robert Smedley with son, William Thomas, sisters, brothers and William Thomas children.

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Photo taken at William Robert & Tom Smedley Murfreesboro, Arkansas USA on
The Smedley's 1902

William Robert Smedley

Born: Mar 20, 1825
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: William Robert Smedley at 49 years old  ·  Elizabeth Smedley at 47 years old  ·  Belle Horton Smedley  ·  Edna Heath Smedley at 12 years old  ·  Child, Olin Smedley at 2 years old  ·  Baby Carl Smedley  ·  Henry Smedley at 12 years old  ·  Emma Smedley at 19 years old  ·  Newman Smedley  ·  William Thomas "Tom" Smedley at 25 years old