Thelma Ferrell and Charlotte Greene family photo
D. Marie

Thelma Ferrell and Charlotte

Thelma Ruth Ferrell, b. 5/1/1926 in AL with daughter Charlotte Ann Greene, b. 1/20/1945. Photo taken somewhere in Sheffield, AL.

The Mystery

Nothing is known of father of Charlotte or of his ancestry. Thelma had said that he claimed he was from North Carolina, and that his name was "Edgar Grover Greene." He went by the nick name "Tony," and had blond hair. He was 24 years of age when Charlotte was born. He and Thelma met at a boarding house in Mobile, AL, and moved in with her parents in Sheffield, AL after she became pregnant. He left before Charlotte was born, never to be seen or heard from again. Would love to get some ancestry info! Will be forever grateful for any information!

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Photo taken at Sheffield, AL USA on