Thomas Binks Lafferty & Family

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Thomas Binks Lafferty born 16 Aug 1846, in Harrison, Arkansas. Thomas died 21 Apr 1936, in Claremore, Oklahoma, and was buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Claremore, Oklahoma. He married Araminta Josephine Johnson 26 Jul 1868, in Springfield, Missouri. She was born 19 Dec 1845, in Springfield, Green Co., Missouri. Araminta died 11 Oct 1883, in Dutch Mills, Washington Co., Arkansas. Arminita's was known for her beautiful long hair that reached the floor. She was called Minty.
They had children: 1. Laurette Veloni Lafferty, born 6 Jun 1869, died about 1950 2. John Everitt Lafferty, born 22 Oct 1871, died 21 Dec 1921. 3. Thomas Edward Lafferty, born 28 Oct 1874, in Green Co., Missouri, died from the croup about 1879. 4. Roy Henderson Lafferty, born 3 Feb 1879, died 27 Sep 1937. 5. Walter Chriswell (Chris) Lafferty, born 6 Mar 1881, in Missouri, died 12 May 1900. 6. Sarah Luerecia May Lafferty, born 30 Mar 1883, Missouri, died 17 Oct 1883.

When Thomas was 14 years old he overheard the Southern soldiers talking
in a haystack, threatening to destroy a home and molest the women. He felt
they were foul mouth and wicked and wanted no part of such people. So he ran away to Missouri where his brother Austin had already relocated to and there he joined the Union Army in Missouri, acting as a waterboy. This distanced him from his brothers as they chose to side with the South. He did not have much contact with them after that. (Information from Letter of June 15 1986 written by his granddaughter Dorris Lafferty Curtis)
After the war he settled in the vicinity of Springfield. Binks met
and married. His children were all born in Greene County, Missouri. He
relocated his family to Dutch Mills, Arkansas about 1881. He farmed and there he operated a steam powered threshing machine. He traveled around the countryside harvesting wheat and oats for the farmers. His wife died in
Dutch Mills and he remained there with his children until 1902 when he moved
by rail to Indian Territory (Foyil, Oklahoma). There he rented land and
became a farmer rancher. He later bought 1500 acre tract of land from the


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