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Thomas Shropshire born July 06, 1809, died June 02, 1882 and wife Sarah Fox/Shropshire born Aug.14, 1814, died Jan. 18, 1892. Thomas married Sarah Fox on Jan. 01, 1834. Their children were: Caroline, Mary Jane, George, Anna Eliza, Thomas Jr., Lucy, Charles B., Ellen,and Sarah.

Thomas was a Lighthouse Keeper. Thomas Shropshire was appointed as Keeper of Egg Island Lighthouse on May 20, 1871, and remained there in that position until he resigned on July 10, 1880. He was replaced on July 10 by his son, Acting Keeper George Shropshire. George became the official Keeper on October 8, 1880. ( Information was gathered by Jim Gowdy, from resources in the Washington DC Archives. Mr Gowdy is the author of the book "Guiding Lights of the Delaware River and Bay".)
in Mauricetown, Downe twsp., Cumberland Co., New Jersey USA


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