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Timothy Hixon was considered to be one of the pioneers of part of the land which is now Spring Mill State Park in southern Indiana. He bought his 80 acres from James C. Lynn in about 1845. His land was on Mill Creek, North of Spring Mill Village on what is now Trail Two. The millstones were cut by Timothy from limestone found in the surrounding hills. The Mill race was 80 rods long and was supplied with water by a low diversion dam, traces of which could be seen until much of his 80 acre tract was covered by the lake of the resoration project in the 1930's. The race was partly in stone and was almost entirely constructed by him. He was a large man with light hair and blue eyes. A hard working man, he operated both the saw and grist mills himself. He took one-eighth of the grist or lumber as his toll, acording to the custom of the time." Paraphrased from "Outdoor Indiana", July 1936 pg 12.
at Marion Twp, Mitchell, Lawrence County, Indiana


Barbarakay Bridges this is my ancester,my grandmother was a hixon.
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