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Lynette Davey Can you tell me where Guy & Margaret were married? Were they married in 1905? Was Guy born 1-1-1880? Was Margaret born 12-6-1882? Do you have her death date? Do you know where they are both buried? Lynette ([contact link])
Sep 02, 2004 · Reply
Diana Gruver This looks like a Post Mortem picture. I say this because of the way his hands are curled up, his foot on the floor is tilted upward, and I believe that you can see the shape of the base of the standing post under the curtain backdrop. A lot of dead people died with their eyes open. He looks as if he was posed. It was done a lot in those days.
Dec 29, 2014 · Reply
Sherry Campbell No, this was their wedding picture taken in 1905 and the man didn't die until 1954 at 74 years of age.
Feb 15 · Reply
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