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Postcard. It Reads:
"Lizzie--This is view of our house. Mother is one in black-the short one. Jip is sitting beside her. It is I on the top step.

Mystery: Post Card sent on Sep 14, 1908 9 AM
To Mrs. Bert Webster, Lawton, Mich.
Elisabeth (Lizzie) Webster was my great-grandmother, the only family we knew of was her sister-Lurena (Rena) Tyrrell (who married Woody Cook), a brother-James Tyrrell, Jr. (who married Harriett ? and had a child named Marjory). Her father, was James Tyrrell born 1864 in Ontario, Canada and died on September 14, 1916 in Woodstock Hospital, Woodstock, Ontario, Canada. Her mother was born in Liverpool England, and died in 1901 in Ontario, Canada. Her father remarried and had 3 more children Ernest, Harry, & Ida. I believe Jip is the dog.


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