Ulrika Flinta Johansdotter family photo
Yvonne Henriksson

Ulrika Flinta

This is Ulrika Flinta nee Johansdotter, born 1834, Marbäck, dead 1925, Ulricehamn, Älvsborgs county.
Married to Carl Johan Niklasson Flinta, born 1842, dead 1892, Marbäck, Älvsborgs county.

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Yvonne Henriksson Ulrika and Carl Johan had three children:
Alma Elisabeth, born 1869, Marbäck, emigrated to America 1889.
Carl Albert, born 1872, Marbäck, emigrated to America 1893.
Klas Oskar, born 1876, Marbäck, dead 1950, Stockholm.
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Photo taken at Sweden
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