Unidentified MASH-NASH Family members

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This photo was found in the bottom of a truck that was given to my father, by his father Jesse Clayburn Nash. We are sure that this photo is of some of our NASH Family members, but we have no idea who. Our NASH Surname was known and proven by DNA Testing to be MASH, before the name was changed in the late 1860s. My MASH / NASH Family came from Kentucky to Noble, Richland County, Illinois, then into Southeast Missouri, between 1845-1850.
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Mystery: UNKNOWN MASH / NASH Family members. WHO ARE THEY?????
at Noble or Big River, Richland Co. or St. Francois Co., Illinois or Missouri USA


Joyce Nash-Wafford Our Surname of NASH has also been proven through DNA to have came down from the surnames of MARSH, then to MASH, then to NASH. I have researched our NASH Family Line back to late 1635 coming over from England, and even further back to 916AD in British Isles. This older Research is through Family Tree DNA and is proven that the NASH Surname began as MARSH. My email address is: [contact link]

The Above Picture are Unknown MARSH / MASH / NASH Family Members, and I need help identifying them. This photo was found in the bottom of an old TRUNK that was given to my father, when Grandpa Jesse passed in 1947.
Jesse Clayborn Nash was born in 1881, so it is not known how long he owned the TRUNK or how long the Photo had laid in the Bottom of it.

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