unknown 1899 female Unknown family photo
Rita Matte

unknown 1899 female

there are no distinct markings or readings for this photo.. the crocheted lace work n her dress indicates its between [external link] the corner in very faded letters reads"Roberts"
just discovered..on top of photo in extreme fadeing ink markings either read Josie or Jessie..Very hard to make itout. This photo ia approxam.100 plus yrs there are no distinct dates..found also in flea market in La. ... show more

The Mystery

this was found amoungst a pile of looks as though a collection of an old photography company's remains...along with a camera that was purchased...the company was "Bell and Howard" from Kirkwood Ill. If someone has their book of sittings they may find her there..cantact rita_matte@yahoo.com

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