unknown couple - Litchfield & Williamson

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We think this is Frank Leroy Litchfield and Carrie Lilly Williamson.
The back of the picture says it was taken at Howard Photo Studio at 7th St. N.W. Washington D.C. Phone M 8361. The man has on a lapel stickpin, a ring and a tie tac, but I can't see what they are. The woman may be wearing a uniform, we have information that she may have worked at St.Elizabeth's mental hospital.

Mystery: We know Frank was listed as janitor at Ingram Congregational Memorial Church in Washington D.C. on his WWI registration card. He listed Carrie as his wife at that time. But we can't find any record of their marriage or divorce. They had 2 children, one of which was my father. Carrie later married Carl Isadore Sanderson who was the only grandfather I ever knew. Frank may have moved to Texas and married again. If anyone can conferm the identity of these people please let us know. Thanks.
at Howard Photo Studio, Washington, D.C. USA


C. Lowe I now know that Carrie and Frank were married on Aug. 8, 1918 in Alexandria Virginia. I have a copy of the License with the certificate attached.
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