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My daughter found this photo at my mother's house several years after she died. My mother was Iva Mae Weyer Martz. I've spoken to my great Aunt, Florence Browning and my Mother's cousin, Geraldine Weyer Johnson about this photo. Neither of them recognize anyone in this photo.

Mystery: I really have no clue as to who is in this photo. Does anyone out there have any memory of this photo?


J.M.Jay Ingalls Location always helps. Any markings on the photo?

Feb 16, 2003 · Reply
Heather Johnson Everett Mayfield was my grandfather. Where was this photo found? He lived in the Mooneyham community in Van Buren county. My name is Heather Johnson and my e-mail is [contact link] I hope to hear back from you..
Jul 18, 2009 · Reply
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