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This photo was found in my late cousin's things by her daughter. She was married to a man by the name of Allen House. However her mother lived in Covington, Ky. I have also seen this photo and another of the same people in my mother's photo box. This leads me to believe they may be of the Layer family who were my mother's grandparents, Peter and Teresa Altemeier Layer. I believe the bearded man might be Peter and the woman his wife Teresa, the woman on the far right could be Anna Elisabeth Layer Bohn. I cannot prove this and would like to know. I would like to find members of this family as we don't know much about them. Could be Layer, Bohn, Gregg, Altmeier, Speiche, Elam

Mystery: I have seen this photo in my mother's things and we want to know who they are. I believe they are the Layer family- Peter and Theresia or Teresa Altemeier Layer who were my greatgrandparents. A cousin thinks they might be Elams. Who are they? If anyone knows them please get in touch with me. I beleive they are members of my family that lived in Covington, Ky. or somwhere in the area.
at Northern Ky or Cincinnati, Ohio, Kenton County or Hamilton, Ohio, Ky or Ohio


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