Unknown family  family photo
Betty Felton

Unknown family

it is an early type photo. The type that is on cardboard. With the matting around it that makes it appear to be in a frame.

The Mystery

This picture was given to me by my aunt Ninnie Jenkins Johnson. I do not know any of the names of these people. I got the impression they were family members.I think they lived in Georgia maybe in Gilmer county.

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Would there happen to be any Dover's in your family? From what I can understand from the research I've done, is that a large part Dover's were in Gilmer & Habersham Co. Georgia in the late 1800-early 1900's.
Mar 18, 2005 10:48 pm reply
Could this picture be of Rev. Abraham Chadwick. He was pastor of Ball Creek Church in Pickens County, GA. He was born in 1820. There is another picture of him posted on a Chadwick Website. Gilmer/pickens county, GA
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May 25, 2006 11:32 am reply
Photo taken at Gilmer, Georgia
Unknown family


Born: unknown
Died: unknown
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