Unknown in Jackson Co, Alabama(?)

Photo Details

Unknown. This photo belonged to my great-grandmother Ethel (Inglis) Dake. She lived in the Fackler community of Jackson Co, Alabama.

Mystery: This photo was in a small envelope inside a watch box that belonged to my great-grandmother, Ethel (Inglis) Dake. The box is addressed to Ethel Inglis, Jackson county, Alabama. The envelope is addressed to Miss Ethel Inglis, Carnes, Alabama and is Postmarked March 9, 1911, Fackler, Alabama. If this photo was taken before she married it would be before 1916. There were 2 papers also inside the watch box; one handwritten note signed by J. R. Warren, and a typed letter from a hospital addressed to Mrs. Lucy Poe (Ethel's aunt, Lucy Middleton-Poe) regarding a Mrs. Freeman. The letter is dated June 30, 1916. If you know who this is in the photo please let me know.


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