Unknown soldier-Schaffer/King  NY/NJ/MD Schaffer family photo
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Unknown soldier-Schaffer/King NY/NJ/MD

Photo was found in a suitcase containing Schaffer and King photos. Other names are Cann, Nichols, Gormley, Lanigan, Meade, O'Neill, Shaffer, Shafer, Wilkins. NY/NJ/MD

The Mystery

Unknown soldier. Civil War by uniform. May be my Christian Schaffer but unsure. Cabinet photo - circa 1850-1890

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I know of a Jacob J. Shaffer d. sept. 30, 1864 during the Civil War in the Andersonville Prisoner of War Camp in Georgia.
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Photo taken on
Unknown soldier-Schaffer/King  NY/NJ/MD

Unknown ?

Born: unknown
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Unknown ?