Unknown Young Woman  family photo
Pat O'Daley

Unknown Young Woman

Young woman in front of photographer's studio backdrop, next to a stand. Hair is short on top & pulled back on the sides. She is wearing a shirt waist with high collar and brooch at the neck, puffed sleeves which taper at the elbow, where there is a bow on the dress, lace at the cuffs. she is wearing half-gloves. skirt is full length & pleated on the sides. she is wearing a pleated sash which has a spray of flowers on it. she is holding a fan & on the stand next to her is a rolled up document. ... show more

The Mystery

photographer's notes on back:
"Miss Allice M White, Albia, Ia. 16 x 20, frame #120, shade dress a little darker, don't want bow to show on arm."
photographers information on front:
"Alexander, Albia, Iowa"
similar requests by Miss Allice White on other Albia photos in this old album found at garage sale. So I beleive she is not Allice White.

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Photo taken at USA