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Claude Jackson is the one that has the arrow pointing to him.He is my father,he said that when they crossed the Equator they had this ritual.I am not too sure of the story about this as I was a small child at the time.


Nicole Shulters Does your Father have any brothers of Uncles named Carr or Creed Jackson? Email me at [contact link] Thank you
Dec 17, 2004 · Reply
Janet Vitale No my father only had one brother they had different mothers his name was Floyd,no names of Carr or Creed.
Dec 17, 2004 · Reply
Joe Myers My dad was a shipmate on the Roi. He told me of this initiation: I believe the initiates became 'sons of Neptune'. Part of the ceremony involved crawling through something containing ship's garbage. I had always remembered from my childhood that this ceremony was to mark the first crossing of the Date Line, not the Equator.
Jan 16, 2010 · Reply
Shelia Shepherd i have a uncle name delno howard but his real last name is jackson . we are from harlan ky , do you know if your dad had any family from their ?
Feb 07, 2010 · Reply
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