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This photo referrer about the crew of the navy ship, I thingk USS "Waters," when was in harbor of Ponta Delgada, Island of São Miguel, Azores in 1919.

This ship and another ones served as escort of Flying Boat "NC4", when the transatlantic voyage in same year.

I will be very interested in find out if some of this crew still have families leaving in United States, and I could get in touch to confirm if this really the ship in question.

Mystery: Can you confirm the identity of the ship or any of the men in the photo?


Jerry Church Judging by the open bridge and the foredeck gun visible at the extreme right, the ship in this photo appears to be either a "Smith" or "Paulding" class destroyer. In either event, it is definitely not the USS Waters, which was a "Wickes" class destroyer.
Dec 12, 2005 · Reply
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