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Valentina Padilla Valentina, Josefina, Hilda, Evelina
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Valentina Padilla In these two photographs we see Valentina Padilla with members of her family.
In the upper picture we see from left to right , people standing, daughter Genoveva holding her daughter Marian. Valentina is to the left Genoveva.
The two grandaughters are Rosalyn and Doris.
In the picture below we see Valentina sitting on the left side of the sofa arm rest with Josefina, her sister, sitting in on the sofa,. Valentina`s daughter Hilda is sitting on the right side of the sofa arm rest. Sitting in a small chair is daughter Evelina.
This photo was probably taken somewhere between 1955-1960 in Brooklyn New York.
Valentina had nine children:
(1)Hilda (2)Genoveva (3)Evelina (4) Henry (5)Mario (6).Pedro (7) Eduardo (8) Nery (9) Esther
Aug 08, 2012 · Reply
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