Very old Hibbard Family Reunion Hibbard family photo
Richard Flaugh

Very old Hibbard Family Reunion

This is the oldest Hibbard Family Reunion picture I have. It had to be from the mid 1890's because my grandmother (Hettie DeVore-Flaugh) is in it but not my grandfather (Charlie Flaugh) He is in every other reunion picture I have.

I recognize old Cyrus DeVore with the beard, in the back row bythe post. I think that's John Miller in front on the right. ... show more

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I would like to have contact with any HIBBARD families.
[contact link]
Feb 28, 2004 3:41 pm reply
One of my great aunts Isabelle McCheyne married into the Hibbard family. Her husband was William John Hibbard born about 1887 in New York. Their children were Gordon L Hibbard b 1908 in NY, Dorothy Elizabeth Hibbard b. 1919,NY and Ruth Hibbard b 1920, NY. Where is your Hibbard family from? [contact link]
Jun 13, 2007 8:37 pm reply
Photo taken at Meadville Crawford County, Pennsylvania on