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Jack on left and Vernon on right:
Two Vietnam vets reunite after 29 years
Vernon Arnold of Gilmer County and Jack Cromer first met when they were both shipped to Hawaii for nine months of jungle training before being shipped to Vietnam. They were best of buddies from the time they first met in Hawaii until they left Vietnam, and still are after 29 years.
Vernon Arnold stayed in Vietnam for 11 months and 23 days, received two Purple Hearts, the Medal of Honor and a Bronze Star as well as various other honors.
Jack Cromer left Vietnam a few days before Arnold. He heard some soldiers were killed, after he left, but did not know if Arnold was killed or not. Cromer looked for Arnold many years and Cromers son found Arnold.


Iva Narvaez This is a great photo. I would like to know more about your Arnold side. My mother was an Arnold. [contact link].
Jan 10, 2003 · Reply
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