Violantha, Sophia, & Lilas Komer, WI

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Violantha, Sophia, & Lilas Komer, Sisters: These are the daughters of Ludvic Henry & Dor (Rue) Komers of Grant & Clark Counties, WI. On the left is my grandmother, Violantha Irene (Komers) Miller, wife of Louis August Miller from Town of Sherman, Clark Co, WI. They had 3 children, Randall Malcolm, Jewell Muriel, & Jerry Lee Miller. Later, they lived in North Chicago, IL, where Vi & Louie died in the late 1980s. Center is Sophia Madeline (Komers) Truax, wife of Nelson Truax of Clark Co, WI. They lived in Illinois for a time, then returned to Clark Co, where they died. They had 3 daughters, Grizella (Truax) Neill, Valda (Truax) Drake, and Evelyn (Truax) Hoover. Right is Lilas (Komers) Lencioni, wife of Julius. They had 3 daughters, Lenora (Lencioni) Jenisio, Barbara (Lencioni) Strong, and Janet. Lilas & Julius spent their married life in the Highland Park, IL area.
in Clark County, Wisconsin USA


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