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Mystery: This photo is of Violet Parker, a niece to Joseph Mullett who immigrated to Mass in 1888 and settled in Maine. Who is she? Who are her parents? Joseph had a sister, perhaps she is Violet's mother?
in United Kingdom


Susan Fryslie This photo looks very much like my great-grandmother.Her family came from Maine in the late 1890's, but her name is Bertha Jane Parker-Shurtleff. I have one picture of her at age 16. My grand father showed me a picture of her taken later. She is wearing the same thing. It is part of her Salvation Army uniform. Does the skirt go to her ankles? The picture he showed me, she has her hair braided. He was from Carver, Mass. He wrote letters to family members in Texas alot.
Apr 07, 2010 · Reply
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