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Susan Wolfe A very handsome young man. Being a Markle myself I would like to know where he was from and what line, if known, that he's in. Thank you. Susan Wolfe [contact link]
Dec 14, 2003 · Reply
Paul Dport This boy's mother is in the John and Rachael Crane picture- seated in front- is Nancy Jane//Estella Crane (left standing)is her daughter and a sister to Virgil. John and Rachael are Estella's Crane in-laws. Paul
Dec 28, 2003 · Reply
Paul Dport Virgil Vest was son of Nelson Delbert(Pen) and Nancy Jane Markle (Mo) . One of many children. Otie Franklin and Lee (twins) /Mitchell //Allen Cleve Aurilla/Edna/Estella/Lena (maybe more).
May 21, 2004 · Reply
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