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Vivian Madonna Louthan

Vivian Madonna Louthan (aka Vivian Jenne) was the second of three children born to Arthur Carter Louthan and Mollie Warren, Arthur's first wife. Mollie died and Arthur remarried Fannie Bradbury for a short time. During this time Vivian's older brother, Glen, died and Vivian was abused by her step-mother. Arthur and Fannie divorced. Vivian lived with her maternal aunt and uncle, Sallie and Charles Jenne in Crawfordsville, Indiana until moving to Los Angeles, California.

Descendants of Arthur Carter Louthan

Arthur Carter Louthan b: 26 May 1856 in Arcola, Douglas Co., IL d: 16 Apr 1922 in Arcola, Douglas, Illinois

* 1st Wife of Arthur Carter Louthan:
+ Mollie Warren b: 1862 in Illinois d: 1895
2 Glen Louthan b: 1890 in Crawfordsville, IN d: 1892
2 Vivian Madonna Louthan b: 23 Apr 1893 in Crawfordsville, IN d: 08 May 1956 in Los Angeles, CA
2 Warren E. Louthan b: Nov 1895 in Illinois d: Nov 1900 in Arcola, IL

*2nd Wife of Arthur Carter Louthan:
+ Fannie Francis Bradbury b: 10 Nov 1875 in Arcola, Douglas Co., IL d: 1967 in Arcola, Douglas Co., IL

*3rd Wife of Arthur Carter Louthan:
+ Ollie Dolson
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