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Back in 1995/96 I was told the man in this picture is my great grandfather , William Bradley Harper and the oldest boy is my grandfather, Wade Lee Harper. No one seemed to know at the time who the woman was or the other kids. Recently (9/13/04) I was told by a cousin that the adults are Wade Lee Harper & Zulah McGeHee Harper which are my grandparents on my dad's side. The three older children (William Bradley "Bill", Esther & Ruby) are from Wade's 1st marriage to A. Emma (Wiggins) Harper and the other two children are Wade & Zulah's (Cecil & Fred). Fred is the baby on Zulah's lap and he was born in 1914 which dates the picture between 1915-1916. At first I thought maybe the woman was Roseanne (Stovall) Harper or (Zelpha A. Sides) Harper of Hill County TX. I have heard from 2 different people who William Bradley Harper was married to and got two different answers, but haven't found any documentation to prove either way or both, only hearsay. Now this same cousin of mine says she has the marriage license stating William Bradley was married to Zelpha A. Sides in Hill Cty, TX. Maybe my great-grandfather was married two times????

Mystery: See my Name Change Mystery Story posted on this website in regards to my great grandfather, William Bradley Harper and my grandfather, Wade Lee Harper.


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