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Waitman Bailey Jr

A photo of Waitman Bailey Jr About Waitman Bailey Jr: I am the grand-daughter, of the late Waitman J. Bailey, Jr. and my mother, Sharon Kaye Bailey is his step-daughter. I just want the WHOLE WORLD t ... show more

A photo of Waitman Bailey Jr

About Waitman Bailey Jr

I am the grand-daughter, of the late Waitman J. Bailey, Jr. and my mother, Sharon Kaye Bailey is his step-daughter. I just want the WHOLE WORLD to know how much I despise this man. I know it speaks in the bible in Leviticus 19:17 You shall not hate in your heart anyone of your kin and in 19:18 You shall not take vengeance or bear a grudge against any of your people. However, this is something I cannot agree to do. I hope for nothing more than Jay Bailey to be burning in hell right now for all the wrongs he did in his life. Especially the adultery sin he committed when my grandmother, Eva Margaret Bailey, was fighting for her life in the hospital in Webster Springs, W.V. and he was seeing the preachers wife at the time, Wilma Jean McCauley. As she was staying at the neighbors next to my grandparents and she would sneak out during the middle of the night in her night gown to go over to my grandparents house to see my grandfather. I know this to be the truth because the people she was staying with later told my mother about it. Unfortunately, my grandmother did not survive and passed away in the hospital. Just as my grandmother predicted while she was alive that would happen, well it sure did. As soon as Wilma Jean McCauley was able to get her divorce final with Roger McCauley, whom was my grandparents, good friend and pastor, she then married my grandfather. This all happened shortly after my grandmother passed away. Looking back now, I can see how my grandfathers health all went down hill from the time he married Wilma Jean. He was constantly sick and having medical issues. He did everything for Wilma Jean, and gave her anything she wanted. While my grandmother always had to work and pay for anything she ever wanted in life. He treated Wilma Jean’s kids, Roger Lee McCauley, Jr and David Lee McCauley, like they were his very own and their children included. They were only married for just under 9 years. At the time of my grandfathers death, there was only $150,750.31 in the bank accounts and $83,751.10 was originally found a savings account that belonged to my grandmother, Eva Margaret Bailey. This should have passed onto my mother, but it didn’t. Wilma Jean walked away with everything. Including the homeplace, the bank accounts, the furnishings, the automobiles, the rents and royalties from a coal lease. The bitch had the nerve to be upset that she was not married to my grandfather long enough to claim his social security benefits. WHAT A BITCH!!! After my grandfather passed away, she sold the homeplace and moved to Mentor, Ohio. Where she then paid $74,000.00 cash for a house for one of her sons, Roger Lee McCauley, Jr. I sure hope he is enjoying the home bought with my grandparents money!!! As for Wilma Jean, well she has remarried once that I know of since my grandfather passed away and that husband has since passed away and she did the same exact thing to his children. She made sure that they were left out of the will and that she walked away with everything. Want to know the sad thing about that situation? I tried to warn his children what would happen while their father was still living. As I told them what happened to my mother when Wilma Jean married my grandfather. However, I don’t think they believed me, as they did not take any precautions as to see that did not happen to them and funny thing is, just as I predicted and advised them what would happen, well it did. I have come to know Wilma Jean as the BLACK WIDOW!! If I had the money, I would dig up his grave and open the casket and even though he is all bones, I would knock the living shit out of him and then drop his body off some cliff somewhere. Wilma Jean Bailey should have done the right thing and gave my mother what was rightfully hers, that belonged to her mother and gave my mother the 1/3rd of the cash money in the bank accounts, as the Last Will and Testament of my grandfather stated. Instead she made sure that the accounts with titled with right of survivorship, which means all the money would pass to her upon his death and leave my mother with NOTHING!! Just as it states in the Bible, that money is the root of all evil, well I can honestly say that is the truth!! I know that Wilma Jean will also have to account to God when that day comes!! She could have done the right thing and she did not and for that she will have to answer to God. Also if I had the money I would dig up my grandmother that is buried beside him and bury her somewhere far away from this monster. For while alive my grandfather actually bought and paid for a plot for Wilma Jean to be buried next to him when she dies. What a joke that is. For I got news for him, she has moved on with her life and took all his money with her and has no plans on being buried next to him. I hope that my grandfather rots in hell for eternity and I hope when Wilma Jean’s times come that she too will rot in hell with him for all eternity. For because of them, my mother that once was a warmhearted, compassionate, sympathetic, generous, good natured, happy and joyful and positive person, is everything but that now thanks to Waitman J. Bailey, Jr. & Wilma Jean Bailey. My mother says that she has moved on since all of that and it doesn’t bother her what happened, but both me and my brother can see the big difference it has made in her life and the way she use to be to how she is now. For that I will NEVER-EVER forgive either one of them for what they did to my mother. ROT IN HELL WAITMAN J. BAILEY, JR. AND YOU TOO, WILMA JEAN BAILEY, WHEN YOUR TIME COMES!!! DAMN YOU BOTH TO HELL!!! ...more about Waitman Bailey Jr

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