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This is a family group of Charles Benson WAMBOLDT and his wife Mary Rebecca BEACH's family. There are a couple of x marks on the photo and 4 people are numbered 1-4. I am not sure what the crosses and numbers signify.

Number 1 is over the head of the woman standing to the far left and wearing a dark dress. She is not identified.

Number 2 is on the white skirt of the young lady seated 2nd from the left. She is unidentified.

Number 3 is over the head of the man standing 2nd from the right. He is unidentified.

Number 4 is on the skirt of Ada Mae FRENCH (nee WAMBOLDT 1883-1958) standing on the right directly in front of her husband James Henry FRENCH (1878-1948) and holding their daughter Beulah (1905-1937 who married George HARDY). Ada is the 2nd eldest daughter of Mary & Charles WAMBOLDT.

Georgina BEACH (nee MUNROE 1823-1909), Mary Rebecca's mother, is seated in the chair. Her son Archibald BEACH (1861-1925) is wearing a light-colored suit and standing to the left of her chair with his hand upon it. Charles Benson WAMBOLDT (1858-1914) is behind his mother-in-law Georgina just to the right of her with his hand on her chair back. The next man to the right of him with a white moustache is Francis Henry WAMBOLDT (1835-1911), his father. The woman in front of Francis looks just like other pictures of his wife, Nancy DOYLE (1837-1913), but she looks too young - perhaps she is Nancy D. WAMBOLDT (1883-1922) his youngest child. Mary Rebecca BEACH (nee WAMBOLDT 1856-1942) is just to the right of Francis and standing behind an unidentified adolescent boy. Adelaide Melissa BRIGGS (nee WAMBOLDT 1897-1978)is the young girl seated in the front with flowers in her lap.

If anyone can identify the others in the photo, or if I have misidentified some, please contact me at [contact link] or through Ancient Faces. Thank you.
in Nova Scotia Canada


Sue Briggs The numbers relate to when they left NS. Number 2 is Genevieve daughter of Mary and Charles. This photo is from the collection of Susan Briggs.
Nov 23, 2011 · Reply
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