Warren Burnett family in KY Explorer Mag. Feb 95.

Photo Details

THIS PICTURE APPEARED IN THE MAGAZINE KENTUCKY EXPLORER IN FEB 1995 - PAGE 31 . It is of my GGG Grandfather Anderson Warrren Bernard Burnett and family . The caption under th photo in the magazine reads: Making molasses Grayson COunty about 1907 . The family of Warren Burnett including his children John , Della and Sally . Plus several neighbors are shown in this nice old photo . Note the jusg being used to hold the molasses . Also one man has a gun , no doubt he was hunting rabits and just stopped to see the grand event " the picture was sent to magazine by a Dorthy Francis who I think t be the daughter of Sarah Lena "Sally" Burnett who was a sister to my gg grandmother Della {Burnett} Dyer . Also note the boy atop the wagon .


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