Wedding photo maybe of Riggins Riggins family photo
Beth Pearce

Wedding photo maybe of Riggins

The date is correct if this is a wedding photo of Enis David and Ella Day Thomas Riggins. I need to scan it again for a better picture.

About Enis David Riggins

E. D. was my mother's father. My memories of him are when he lived in Olney, TX. He always wore overalls. He had a ringer washing machine for a long time. He made his own sausage and I've never tasted any like it anywhere. It was very good. We visited him and Grandma at least once a year. They lived 350 miles away. They had a chihuahua named Ginger. ...more info

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Photo taken at USA on
Wedding photo maybe of Riggins

Enis David Riggins

Born: Apr 24, 1899
Died: Aug 27, 1984 (age 85)
Also in this photo: Enis David Riggins at 18 years old  ·  Ella Day Thomas Riggins at 24 years old